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Trevor Day, Intern, Work Based Learning Program, Dobyns Bennett High School

Trevor Day


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Trevor Day joins Red Door Agency as an Intern from the Dobyns Bennett High School Work Based Learning Program.  He has a long held passion for the process of transforming a property into a lucrative investment. Trevor aspires to pursue a career in real estate investing including flipping houses, new construction, and investing in commercial real estate. Currently, he dedicates his time to finding real estate deals, working on house flips, and managing advertising for roofing companies. Through this internship, Trevor hopes to gain valuable insight and real world real estate experience from experienced professionals. Utilizing this experience, he hopes to apply this knowledge to obtaining his real estate license once he turns eighteen.

In addition to real estate investing, Trevor is also interested in other investment types including cryptocurrency and the stock market. Outside of real estate and investments, his hobbies include skateboarding and snowboarding.