Home Organization Tips

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Spring cleaning may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your home in tip-top shape. Keeping things organized with kids, pets, and loved ones isn’t always easy; and with more people working from home, the ability to keep everything in order has never been more important. We’ve asked agents from the office to share their best tips and tricks when it comes to staying organized. To help, we’ve even organized the advice by room! #Smart 


No doubt one of the busiest and most important rooms in the entire house. Have you ever noticed how everyone tends to congregate in or around the kitchen during get-togethers or dinner time? Whether you’re racing to impress the in-laws or just trying to get the kid’s lunches together, you want to know where everything is (especially those pesky spices). 

Lazy Susans. No that’s not the name of one of our agents. Amy Howard recommends using them extensively. “I even use some in the refrigerator to help keep condiments in order.” In addition, consider using clear plastic containers to store spices, snacks, and other goodies you or the kids might have difficulty finding. Use a dry erase marker to easily write and erase as you change out the contents. Last but not least, ask yourself which kitchen gadgets, pots & pans, utensils, plates, glasses, or anything else you use on a regular basis. Then decide if they make sense with the layout of your kitchen. In many cases, when people move into a new home, they just throw things in cabinets and drawers and have never really thought twice about it since. With these hacks in mind, you’ll be the next Julia Child in no time! 

Family Room 

Home to parties, binge sessions, and late night ice cream cravings, the family room is a staple in any home. Simplify your living arrangements by incorporating some key organization. For starters, look at adding a toy bin for the kids or pets in your family. Without this, walking from the kitchen to the couch can be a dangerous (and painful!) endeavor. By adding storage totes, your feet can rest easy knowing they won’t trip over something and you can build positive behaviors with your kids – a win-win. Removing clutter on coffee and side tables can also be challenging. Start by creating a drawer for remotes, cables, controllers, or anything else that might find its way onto the table. No drawer in your table? “I’ve turned an oversized serving tray into a centerpiece that holds all of these things” says Nathaniel Trott. While still out in the open, it gives everything a place and doesn’t look so chaotic.   


Sleeping an average of eight hours a day, people will spend a third of their lifetime in their bedroom. Keeping your closet and dresser organized will help ensure you start the day off right. Most bedrooms are limited in the amount of space they have available. To create more, consider utilizing the empty space under your bed. Use plastic containers to keep items like bags, purses or shoes tucked away. For your closet, you can find organizers at most stores that will help maximize space while keeping everyday items front and center. Drawer inserts are another invaluable way to keep your socks, underwear, and jewelry in place.


The bathroom is another space in the home that has limited space. Medicine cabinet style vanities used to allow people to conveniently store their toothbrushes, salves, and more inconspicuously behind the mirror. However, as bathrooms move to more modern design elements, homeowners need to get creative with how they store these items. “Metal wire baskets are a great solution for storing towels if you don’t have a linen closet,” says Amy Brickey, who flips homes when she’s not selling them. Another great tip is to invest in shower or bathtub storage. You can find suction cup shelves or even the tried-and-true hanging shower head unit to keep bottles off the edge of the tub. Not only is this more visually appealing, but it makes reaching everything easier, and cleaning is a breeze.    


With so many tools and odds and ends, the garage can easily turn into the junk drawer of the house. Don’t let things get out of control with these easy solutions. Get things off the ground and out of the way by installing shelving and hooks on the walls. This is a great addition to the doorway where coats can be hung. Pair this with a shoe organizer or boot tray next to the door to ensure dirt and mud aren’t tracked into the house. Last but not least, add a large plastic tub to keep the kid’s toys and gear in one place.

While staying organized can take a conscious effort, these tips should help streamline your cleaning routine and keep the household in order. Have any other home organization tips? Share them in the comments below.